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Children's Going Green
& Gardening Programs
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Childrens Gardening Classes New Jersey
School Enrichment Programs

Marigold Mike can come to your school and enhance the children’s learning experience through these Unique and Highly educational programs which are geared towards each specific grade level listed below. They incorporate most of your core curriculum standards while teaching them a way to draw from each subject and apply it in a very practical easy to understand action. All of Let’s Bloom Together’s Enrichment Programs incorporate:

Environmental Awareness, Math, Earth Science, History, Geography, Astronomy, Ecology, Language, Horticulture and so much more!

Gardening Programs

This exciting unit of lessons taught by Marigold Mike will help your children learn the basics of gardening. Through his fun, unique and interactive lessons the children will gain the knowledge to start their own gardens and maintain them throughout the entire growing season. Activities include gardening basics, composting, garden tools, ecology and much much more! These activities can be customized to meet any of your visions and requirements.

Grade Level: Pre K to 5th

Green Programs

This unit of classes shows kids what it means to live “green.” As you may have read on our website, these activities incorporate environmentally conscious “green living” as a practical way of life. Behavior change can be hard BUT when broken down into understandable steps through these lessons, “going green” becomes an easy way to make the planet a better place for us! After a clear, hands-on program like Let’s Bloom Together, it will be easy to be GREEN every day.

Grade Level: Pre K to 8th grade


These programs are very closely related and intertwining the activities within each program is seamless and highly recommended.


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