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Childrens Gardening Classes New Jersey
Sample Programs For Your School Or Camp Event


Programs / Assemblies


Try a Let’s Bloom Together EVENT! Now you can have an EARTH DAY, MOTHER’S DAY, BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT, WEEK OF THE YOUNG CHILD or even a RECYCLING event at your school or camp. We can also custom design a program to meet your specific needs.  Our programs are designed to offer educational information in a very fun and interactive manner.  Some of the curriculum standards we incorporate are:

Core curriculum connections include:

Environmental Awareness, Math, Earth Science, History, Geography, Astronomy, Ecology, Language and Horticulture

Here are examples of events other schools and camps have had great success with:


Gardening Programs



Looking for a sure-fire way to drive home the word "sustainable"? Let's Bloom Together has taken green gardening in a new direction! We've created a lesson for HYDROPONIC GARDENING, which is a method of growing plants using mineral and nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Sun, soil and water are still the main ingredients but now you can grow your own food ALL YEAR ROUND! This FUN, simple and exciting hydroponics lesson (which comes with a kit you keep) will teach the children that if we truly want to become sustainable and eat healthier, then hydroponics is one way to do it!


Children will be introduced to a flower. Then through a fun and interactive lesson, they will learn how to care for that flower. Finally they will plant the flower in a terra cotta pot which they decorate and take home.


We introduce this lesson with what it means to be part of a COMMUNITY.  Then similar to the FLOWER PLANTING EVENT the children will be introduced to and learn how to care for spring flowers like Marigolds, Impatiens and Zinnia's.  This project then allows you to choose the area at your location to have the children plant the flowers. Now you have created a flower garden the children can call their own.  They will take pride in their new found gardening skills and be able to care for the plants throughout the season.

START A GARDEN (Flower or Fruit / Vegetable):

This fun and exciting activity will help your school or organization launch a lifetime of learning! Children will learn the basics of gardening through a unique and stimulating hands-on lesson.  They will learn how to use the tools for planting and how to maintain the garden. It’s all about RESPONSIBILITY. Like all Let’s Bloom Together activities, this gardening project will provide a distinctive experience for the children while reinforcing much of the core curriculum at your school. The program takes what children learn in school and applies it to the garden, giving children the opportunities to practice lifelong skills. Kids will literally reap the fruits of their labor! 


Same as the Beautification Project for Spring except we use fall flowers like Chrysanthemums and Fall Bulbs (Tulip and Daffodil). The bulbs help make a great Spring!


Here is something new - Bring the pumpkins to YOU! Forget bus trips and permission slips around Halloween. Marigold Mike can bring a fun EDUCATIONAL pumpkin event to your school. Kids will learn about the history of pumpkins, how pumpkins were used by our ancestors and the culinary uses of our favorite orange gourd! The event culminates with a painting project where each child takes home his or her own pumpkin!

Green Programs



Children will be introduced to why we recycle, the benefits of recycling and what is and is not recyclable. This interactive, fun lesson is a hands-on lesson where by the end of the class each child will have to identify what is put in the recycle bin and what is put in the trash! (THIS EVENT ISN’T JUST FOR EARTH DAY! RECYCLING IS EVERY DAY!)


Now that we know why and what we need to recycle lets reduce the trash further by creating a vermicompost bin. The children will learn what leftover foods can and cannot be turned into compost with a little help from our worm friends! This makes a great follow up lesson to Recycling Program I!


What do we do with the leftover trash? This is a question these children can start working on now as most adults do not have a viable solution. This fun activity takes the creativity of what the group decides to do with leftover materials that don’t meet the requirements to be recycled. Many choose to make art work while others choose to make something functional. Let’s start the process of deciding what to do with the materials that can’t be RECYCLED and REUSE them in a productive manner.

Use one or a combination of any of these programs during your school year or camp season.  If you have questions, please reach out to us at Let’s Bloom Together Contact Us Page or call 973-270-0102.

Visit the Enrichment page to find out more engaging activities with Let’s Bloom Together.

We look forward to working with you and your children!


For more information call 973-270-0102 or contact us online.