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Children's Going Green
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Childrens Gardening Classes New Jersey
Our Vision of Going Green

Earth Day comes and goes, and “going green” is still an exception rather than the norm. To secure the future, today’s children need to develop a sharp environmental awareness – a “green” way of living every day – that can become the standard of tomorrow.

You can help shape the future with new Go Green classes by Marigold Mike, aka Michael Bedrick, the founder of Let’s Bloom Together®, a company at the forefront of gardening education.

Foster concepts like responsibility, sustainability and community in your school.

Develop children’s roles as caretakers of the world around them. They’ll learn the basics of recycling in your town, they’ll make compost, and learn how to care for the environment – all while using their minds in creative ways through hands-on activities.

Promote multidisciplinary, active learning. Our lessons weave in science, astronomy, math, history, geography, horticulture and ecology while children observe, measure, record, compare, empathize and problem-solve.

Studies show that children who are more in touch with their natural environment enjoy health benefits, like making better food choices. They develop positive social and interpersonal skills, and they have better attitudes toward learning.

Many schools and organizations want to go green but don’t have the time or the resources. My program makes it very easy and affordable to help your school or organization secure the future.

Don’t have the budget for our program? Our programs qualify for the Clean Communities Grant and other funds your school, town or organization may receive. Contact us today!

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www.cudenver.edu/cye and The National Gardening Association www.garden.org

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