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Children's Going Green
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Childrens Gardening Classes New Jersey
About Let's Bloom Together

What We Are:

Let’s Bloom Together is a going green / gardening enrichment program designed to make learning about the earth and horticulture fun and stimulating for children ages 3 – 10. We provide kids with an opportunity to experience and appreciate the beauty and wonder of the natural world we live in through an engaging, hands-on program. Classes are available for either a 8 to 12 week Interactive Curriculum or for a one-day Gardening Party / Special Event such as a Birthday Party. We are fully insured.

Marigold MikeThe Owner — Marigold Mike:

My name is Michael Bedrick (aka Marigold Mike) and I am the creator and owner of Let’s Bloom Together. I live in NJ with my wife and 2 young daughters. I started Let’s Bloom Together because I have a passion for two things – children and gardening. In my life, gardening has been my connection to nature and learning about plants and flowers my enduring joy. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing in the dirt and spending fun afternoons with my Dad working alongside him in the garden. My gardening passion has continued into adulthood and I am now lucky enough to continue this tradition with my own family. I created Let’s Bloom Together to instill that same love, appreciation, and awe for nature in all kids— and to HAVE FUN at the same time!

Michael Bedrick is a member of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum.

Let’s Bloom Together® have presented workshops for the New Jersey 4-H Youth Development Program a part of Rutgers Extension and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station.

Member of the NJRPA